Welcome to Doozer Creek! Join the adventurous and innovative Pod Squad as they play, invent, design, and engineer solutions to the challenges they face in their fantastic kid lives!

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Solve It

Become an honorary member of the Doozers Pod Squad by discovering solutions to dozens of fun puzzles! Choose from a set of provided objects to complete a unique sequence to reach a goal. As levels progress, the number of objects to place increases, and the puzzles get more complex. “Shape matching” mode provides helpful guides for placing the pieces. Once the game is mastered, “problem solving” mode is unlocked and you will be challenged to experiment to find the right solution to each puzzle without the use of guides.

Get all three stars on each level and unlock a sticker for your sticker book. Make a picture using the scene and stickers you’ve earned, and save it to your camera roll to share with your friends and family.  

With 50 levels of increasing complexity, this physics-based puzzle game nurtures discovery and learning in a playful way while fostering problem-solving , spatial reasoning and basic engineering skills.


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