Welcome to Doozer Creek! Join the adventurous and innovative Pod Squad as they play, invent, design, and engineer solutions to the challenges they face in their fantastic kid lives!

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Doozer Creek

The Doozers have joined KidQuest, the app for parents and kids to find great crafts, experiments, and activities to do.

Get the KidQuest app and the Doozers QuestPack to start fun and interactive learning activities with your child.

Each activity comes with illustrated step-by-step instructions from the Pod Squad, and you can create your own digital scrapbook at the end using all the videos and pictures from your activity.

  • Help Daisy Wheel build a parachute to safely deliver packages to the Doozers below!
  • Help Flex and Spike figure out how to measure and find the biggest leaf in your backyard!
  • Help Molly Bolt cook a tasty treat using nothing but the sun!

Get these Doozers activities and more with the KidQuest app - now featuring the Doozers.


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