Join Flex as he goes about his busy day in Doozer Creek!

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Doozers Podmobile

Join Flex as he goes about his busy day in Doozer Creek. Gather radishes to be delivered to a construction site, load up peaches and get them to the bakery, and pick up other members of the Pod Squad to take them for a ride!
As you explore Doozer Creek:

  • If you see the communicator flashing, there is a job to do! Tap the communicator to be taken to the site and watch the Podmobile get loaded with radishes, peaches, or other members of the Pod Squad!
  • Use the dial in the bottom right to increase or decrease your speed.
  • Use the Podmobile View button to change your point of view from outside of the Podmobile, to inside.
  • While inside the Podmobile, tap the radio and horn buttons. Can you find the cupcake waiting to be eaten?
  • Look for Doozers working all around you. If you see a Doozer walking by, tap on him or her, and see if they wave back at you!
  • Take a picture of the scene by tapping the camera button.


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